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Terms of Service

 The Commissioner, upon payment of their commission, agrees to all terms and conditions as stated below as dictated by The Artist. 

Payment is due in full at the time The Commissioner commits to hiring The Artist. An invoice will be sent to the email The Commissioner provides, at which The Commissioner will have four (4) days to fulfill the required payment. Failure to provide payment in full within these four days will result in the forfeit of The Commissioner's commission slot. The Commissioner is free to contact The Artist and request more time to fulfill the payment, or to re-enter the commission queue. Repeated failure to pay invoices, or "ghosting," may result in The Artist's refusal to work with The Commissioner in the future. 

By paying for a commission, The Commissioner acknowledges the custom artwork to be produced by The artist is for PERSONAL USE ONLY. Any attempts to reproduce, redistribute, or otherwise commercially profit from said commission without having bought the legal rights to do so will result in legal action taken by The Artist. Commercial work is available to be discussed at any time at which The Commissioner my either pay for full legal rights or pay royalties to The Artist upon agreement. 

Pricing can and will fluctuate at the Artist's discretion. All prices listed on this site and on any pricing list The Artist has otherwise provided are STARTING PRICES; the minimum price at which a custom piece will be completed for. Other factors will affect price fluctuation, including but not limited to: complexity of concept, intricate details, number of characters, style, text, printing packages, and more. 


Turnaround time for simple pieces is one (1) to three (3) days. More complex pieces such as character sheets or full illustrations may take up to one (1) to two (2) weeks to complete. All completion times are based on when The Artist receives the commission concept in the commission queue, so please keep this in mind. The Artist will contact The Commissioner when it is time to begin the commission and will keep in contact while the commission is in production. 

The Commissioner is allotted a maximum of three (3) revisions to commissioned pieces. It is the job of the Commissioner to covey their ideas in a clear, concise, simple manner so the The Artist may bring The Commissioner's vision to life. If The Commissioner fails to clearly describe their concept and are still unsatisfied by the third revision, The Artist will charge an additional fee of $50.00 for every additional revision needed. Alternatively, The Commissioner is free to take the commissioned piece as-is.

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